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Gold IRA RolloverTraditional value assets of IRA such as bonds and stocks are continuously deteriorating in value due to economic uncertainties and inflation. Many investors are finding ways to mitigate risks in case economies suffer. Gold is becoming a safe haven for many investors and serves as an insurance against financial losses.

If you are thinking about a successful retirement, your IRA is your key. After years of regular contributions and smart investing, you no longer have to worry about working and you can retire comfortably. The best way to secure your retirement is to turn your current IRA into a gold IRA. The best company to help you achieve this is Regal Assets. They make buying gold coins easy to do and a potentially sound investment. Why should you choose Regal Assets as your gold IRA company. Here’s why:

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If you search online for Regal Assets customer review, you will find that more than 500 customer reviews are rated 5 out of 5 stars. The reviews are not posted on affiliate websites. These are legitimate reviews that are on third-party neutral review website such as Better

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Regal Assets has been listed by Inc. 500 as one of the fastest growing companies in the financial services group. The increase in its client base is due to the company’s fair pricing when it comes to investing in gold and other precious metals. Their professional and friendly account executives will ensure that customers understand everything about buying gold before making their purchase, no hard selling.

  1. Free Starter Kit

Price of GoldIf you are not decided yet if you want to rollover your current IRA to gold IRA, learn everything you can about gold IRA first before deciding. You can learn about the risks and rewards of adding precious metals in your investment portfolio through Regal Assets’ free gold IRA kit. This will help you get started to learn more about gold and how profitable gold investments can be.

  1. Top Ratings

Choose a company that has received top ratings from accrediting agencies for consumers. Regal Assets has received an A+ rating with BBB, AAA rating from BCA, and a 5 star rating from Trustlink. These are based on 500+ legitimate customer reviews with only 1 complaint in the last 3 years. These accolades only show how trustworthy and reputable Regal Assets is.

  1. Rollover Your Current IRA Quickly

Regal Assets can help you preserve and secure your retirement by means of investing in gold and other precious metals quickly. Who would want to lose the funds in their IRA to high-risk stocks? Gold is less volatile than currencies, offers the chances for major gains, and provides diversity in portfolio.

  1. You Can Sign Up Right Away

No need to wait for a bunch of information just to get started investing in gold. Although learning about the ins and outs of the gold industry is highly important, having an experienced Regal Assets account executive to guide you can help shorten the learning curve. As a top provider of gold coins and bullion, you can sign up at Regal Assets without fear of being ripped off.


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Couples Counselling            Communication is an integral part that makes a relationship or marriage lasts for a long time. Its presence must be able to clear things out as well as releasing feelings and thoughts of two loving individuals. But in most cases, the lost of active communication is affected by ignoring or inactive listening towards love conversations that lead to quarrels and fights. Most counselors would tell that in love partnership, the importance of being able to listen and not just to hear must be practice. Here are the truths about listening.

It’s a relationship skill

As stated a while ago, when both parties are able to fully listen and understand what each says then there will be good conclusions and understanding. Though most cases state that partners aren’t able to distinguish what is mere hearing to active listening. It is considered a skill that should be practiced and mastered as well as the best thing of gift that both sides can give to each other.

It is an activity

It means that an individual must not only wait for his or her turn to speak but he or she should be able to know what the other side is telling and identify what the feelings or emotions he or she wants to tell so that a comprehension will be meet and a conversation will be a success.

Can manage emotions

When someone learns to listen, he or she will be able to determine the real feelings and at the end, they will understand each other’s stand and avoidance of any damages or cracks in the bond will occur.

It is an emotional skill

It is a skill in terms of emotion in the sense that when someone is able to fully listen and comprehend with what the other side is stating, he or she will eventually able to see the good point and may lead to better situations.

Communication is not just about speaking but also the ability to listen because there will be no outcome if it is only a one way scenario. Remember the importance of true listening than just mere hearing the words coming out of the speaker’s mouth. If you’d like to learn more about marriage counselling I’d suggest checking out couples counselors in Langley and Surrey, BC from BestMarriages Counselling and Workshop Centre. They’re really great and I highly recommend them.

Here’s a great video from them.



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The Vancouver Film School has moved its film and animation facilities onto the Gastown building once occupied by Storyeum, with the aim of training young talent for the city’s growing visual effects industry.

Storyeum was an interactive exhibit for visitors to learn about B.C.’s past. It opened in 2004 at a cost of $22 million, but dismal crowds caused it to go bankrupt just two years later.

The large building sat virtually empty for several years, until the Vancouver Film School moved its animation school in last August. Then in early May its film production facility moved into the space as well.

Managing director Marty Hasselbach says the local job prospects for students are looking good, now that Sony Imageworks has announced it’s moving its headquarters from California to Vancouver next April.

“We’ve been very instrumental in providing talent for this industry for the last 27 years, and that’s exactly what we are going to do,” says Hasselbach.

“We’re creating the next iteration of people that are going to work at the Sonys, work at the Industrial Light and Magics, work at the Dreamworks, as they come through the programs here at the school.” says Hasselbach.

Students at such as Steve Schwartz agree the expanded studios and classrooms are just about big enough to fit their own dreams.

“I’d like to be a director, but that’s what everyone says,” says Schwartz.


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